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Our team of Front-End Wizards and Back-End Ninjas have decades of combined experience, so you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

our vision

We know that good design means good business.

We strive to provide exceptional services to our clients in order to become their trusted partner and aid their growth in the digital world. We aspire to get to the top in the same organic way as we help our clients grow.



IntellRocket is an innovative company in the fields of web development and web design. We’re based in Belgrade, Serbia but our work is international. Our creative and ambitious team speaks the universal language of technology.

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with some of the brightest Silicon Valley start-ups, as well as a range of established European businesses. We let our portfolio sing our praises for us.

The design team intellRocket made a very original solution for the web presentation of our company and created the appearance of Vallis on the Internet to be unique and recognizable in the sea of ​​competing companies. The technical content we wanted to present was presented in a simple and straightforward but very effective way, aesthetically perfectly fitted. Once again I thank the intellRocket team for their cooperation and excellent work.”

Branislav Srećković

CEO at Vallis Technologies

“IntellRocket built an easy to maintain, responsive website for us that satisfied all the needs of our marketing team and top management. The site was well-organized, easy to navigate and esthetically beautiful. Even more impressive is how they managed the project on a super-tight schedule with no drama. After working with many other web developers, I have to say that IntellRocket was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Bill Kish


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