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Insufficient direct and clear communication of benefits, as well as excessive color, do not give the right impression of the company.


The header on the first page clearly outlines what the company does. We also added an email field for early lead capturing since that is a major goal of B2B websites!

About us Page


The page was too purple. The title and background color are similar, which makes it hard for the reader to read what's written there because of lack in contrast. Values were just added without order.


The header on the first scroll shows a prominent statement of what the company is about. There is also a CTA button that's calling visitors to Book a Demo. The rest of the page is clear and simple.

Contact Page


The contact page is also too colorful. There is no focus on what should the customer do and what is the goal of the page.


The new contact page is focused on the contact form, while content on the left is written to increase trust in the company and to convince customers to leave their contact information. Also, the customer testimonial adds more confidence in the company.

Our Case

Interested to learn more about the project? Check out this presentation and what we did for a better look and feel!

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