Custom WordPress Multivendor Marketplace for Real Estate

We built a custom online property rental marketplace that's fast, user-friendly, and easy for our client to manage. It's designed to help renters connect with apartment owners and streamline the entire rental process.

Multivendor booking system with an advanced dashboard system


Project Overview

Our client needed a website where property owners could rent out their apartments, and renters could find and book these places easily. The site needed to handle different types of users and provide a simple way for the owners to keep their rental schedules in sync with other services like Airbnb and

Design Style02

For Stan na Dan, we embraced Poppins for its modern and approachable feel, complementing a real estate platform's inviting atmosphere. A color palette with a warm coral, muted slate, deep oceanic blue, and soft light gray instills a sense of comfort and reliability, mirroring the ease and simplicity of finding a home away from home.

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HEX #3b424a

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Poppins light font

IntellRocket implement popular font to multi vendor booking system

Challenges & Objectives

The challenges were manifold, ranging from designing a user-centric interface to integrating sophisticated backend systems for property management, including calendar synchronization with existing rental marketplaces. We aimed to achieve a fast-loading, SEO-optimized platform that could handle a significant number of listings without compromising on performance. Additionally, we set out to construct a channel manager to sync with other rental platforms, ensuring that apartment owners could manage their bookings across multiple channels effortlessly.


We utilized WordPress and WooCommerce as the core of our solution, developing a custom theme and adding numerous bespoke features to fulfill the project's unique requirements. The implementation of a custom dashboard for property owners to manage listings, reservations, cancellations, and calendar synchronizations was pivotal. To meet the SEO and performance objectives, we optimized the site structure, leveraged advanced caching mechanisms, and meticulously crafted content-rich pages to boost organic traffic.

Advanced Product Filtersaprartmanes hompage page mobile dark


  • Multivendor Capability - Enabled different user roles with varying levels of access and control within the platform.

  • Custom Property Owner Dashboard - Provided property owners with a personalized dashboard for managing their listings and bookings.

  • Channel Manager Integration - Developed synchronization with Airbnb and to streamline calendar management.

  • Advanced SEO Optimization - Implemented a strategy to create rich, engaging content pages for higher search visibility.

  • Performance Tuning - Ensured that the site remains fast and responsive, despite the extensive feature set and large number of pages.

  • Business Directory - Introduced a directory feature for businesses to list services, adding value and utility to the platform.

appearance of the apartment in reality
Front-end options enable the client to find free appointments through the calendar, select specifics and get all the information immediately
apartments are a multivendor system that looks great on mobile devicesapartments are a multivendor system that looks great on mobile devices
The search option shows many options, among other things, you can see the apartments on the mapFind a luxurious apartment living room with modern furniture using special filters
The apartments contain complete options that are necessary for users to enjoy the site by choosing a vehicleConvenient location near public transportation and local shopping
Multivendor apartment system is a fully responsive site.Home page SEO friendly with attractive colors
Intellrocket has created a complete multivendor system, with FAQ section, contact page and so ondesign to showcase the luxurious and convenient features of the apartments available for rent on your multi-vendor site


The completion of this custom multivendor marketplace marks a significant milestone for our client in the digital real estate rental space. The website now stands as a robust, full-featured platform that rivals top industry competitors in user experience and efficiency. Moving forward, we will continue to refine and enhance the system, adding new features and optimizing existing functionalities to ensure that the platform remains at the forefront of innovation and user engagement. This project underscores our expertise in creating complex, custom web solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.