Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is a company based in the Silicon Valley. They develop and manufacture innovative hardware and network devices for other tech companies.



The Challenge

The challenge was to make the new website design stand out in the corporate world and show our client’s longstanding business tradition. It also needed to be connected with other services that company uses to help them digitalize their business.

The Approach

Our approach was to make the website be the central marketing tool to collect leads for marketing purposes. We used MODx CMS system to make the content management as simple as possible. We also used HTML5, Basscss, JavaScript, Angular and PHP for backend.

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Mobile design

Functional and clear mobile design will help your clients navigate easier, improving their user experience. Our web pages are customized for mobile devices too, allowing our customers to fit their products or services on all screen sizes.

Product Selection

Our priority was to make it easier for users to find the exact product as quickly as possible. We have achieved that by displaying product selections on the homepage.


Interface Masters products are divided into six groups. In order for website visitors to see what company has to offer, we have designed a section with a display of all the products, which enables quick navigation and better conversions.

“The website IntellRocket developed allowed us to provide our clients with a clear layout of our products and easy navigation to any product they wanted.”

IMT Blog

Other interior pages are designed to make great user experience and keep everything in line with the branding and landing pages design.


IMT About,Blog


We successfully achieved our goal to make all the products on our client’s website only two clicks away from the users. This helped Interface Masters to increase their conversion rate and, ultimately, their profits.


Jun 2019.


Interface Masters Technologies



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