Tailored Food E-commerce Development for a Swiss Culinary Experience

Introducing Sodeli, a bespoke digital transformation for a Swiss gourmet brand, enhancing online shopping with innovative features, optimized for Food E-commerce Development.

Sodeli ecommerce website development

Project Overview

Our client, Sodeli, a well-known Swiss gourmet food brand, needed a major upgrade to their online store. The goal was to redesign their existing website to make it faster, better for search engine rankings, and easy to use on smartphones and tablets.

The Sodeli site uses 'Montserrat' for its modern appeal, paired with a palette of deep chocolate, white, beige, and charcoal, blending elegance with clarity for a welcoming user experience.

HEX #762e19

HEX #ffffff

HEX #faf7f3

HEX #2a292e

HEX #762e19

HEX #ffffff

HEX #faf7f3

HEX #2a292e

montserrat font used in ecommerce design dark background font in light

Montserat font letter a preview


Sodeli's main challenge was to stand out in the competitive world of online food sales. The focus was on creating a website that was fast, easy to navigate, and suited to selling food products, especially those that don't last long on shelves.


We aimed to give Sodeli a powerful online presence. This meant building a website that performed well technically, was easy to use on any device, and showcased their unique food items effectively.

ecommerce wordpress blocks in a mockup web design and developmentecommerce wordpress blocks in a mockup web design and development image for mobile devices
ecommerce mobile design for shop and filters

Mobile First Design Approach

Embracing a mobile-first design approach, the Sodeli website ensures an optimal experience on smartphones and tablets. This strategy prioritizes ease of navigation and responsiveness, making gourmet shopping convenient for users on-the-go.

mobile ecommerce homepage design for online on mobile devicesmobile ecommerce homepage design for online on mobile devices

Custom Features for Food E-commerce Development

  • Countdown Timer - A special feature on the homepage to display time-limited deals, motivating customers to make quick purchases and making promotions more effective.

  • Perishable Product Promotion - A tool to automatically put discounts on products that are about to expire, helping to sell these items quickly and reduce waste.

  • Intuitive Shopping Memory - On the Sodeli site, if you explore a product and then go back to the main shop page, it remembers your previous filters and product views, enabling you to seamlessly pick up your browsing right where you left off.

    Header standard webiste page mockupHeader standard webiste page mockup
    ecoommerce website mobile design pagesecoommerce website mobile design pages
    product landing page woocommerceproduct landing page woocommerce
    Google Page Speed insights Score mobile passed
    Google Page Speed insights Score Desktop passed


    The relaunch of Sodeli's website marked a big step forward in Food E-commerce Development

    • Excellent Website Performance - The site now loads quickly and works smoothly, providing a better browsing experience.

    • More Customer Engagement - The new features, like special deals for products nearing expiry, have attracted more customers and increased sales.

    • Higher Conversion Rates - The improved navigation and overall user experience have led to more people buying from the site.